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In protection systems, when traditional technology is replaced by software, the functionality and complexity of the system is likely to increase. The quantitative evidence normally provided for safety certiication of traditional systems cannot be relied upon in software-based systems. Instead there is a need to provide qualitative evidence. As a basis for(More)
Denotational descriptions are frequently presented in terms of a sequence of descriptions of programming languages of increasing complexity. We discuss a formal approach to the study of such description sequences in terms of a refinement relation, showing how the informal use made of this approach in tutorial introductions to denotational semantics may be(More)
MR. DUEDALL: Let me turn it over to the panelists to speak for a couple minutes generally about how they've used the Internet effectively and how they help others use the Internet effectively. Then we're going to posit a few questions and concerns that are in your materials that you may have " why can't I do this, " " this is too hard, " " there's too many(More)
In the treatment of acoustic neuroma, operative results have improved greatly during recent years, with high rates of functional cranial nerve preservation. Because of this, it has become more important to consider issues of patient satisfaction and quality of life (QOL) following treatment for these lesions. The authors have developed a novel questionnaire(More)
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