S. Richard Pramod

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The wavelength continuity constraint on the routing and wavelength assignment algorithms gives rise to a serious problem of fairness due to which longer-hop lightpaths (4-hop, 5-hop) suffer from a higher blocking probability as compared to shorter-hop lightpaths. By using wavelength reservation we try to control the contention of resources. We investigate(More)
In order to overcome the effects of degradation of the optical signal caused by transmission impairments, regenerators are placed at some intermediate nodes to regenerate the signal to its original level. Regeneration requires the signal to be dropped locally, regenerated and retransmitted back into the network. This process involves provisioning for(More)
Over the last two decades many commercial shrink-wrapped software application packages have been developed for the Microsoft Windows Operating System environment and some of these are now being re-engineered and developed into Web-based applications. In order to explore how this is done and possibly to advance the art of Web-based application software(More)
Job scheduling is the key feature of any computing environment and the efficiency of computing depends largely on the scheduling technique used. Intelligence is the key factor which is lacking in the job scheduling techniques of today. Genetic algorithms are powerful search techniques based on the mechanisms of natural selection and natural genetics.(More)
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