S. Rehman

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—The advent and development in the field of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) in recent years has seen the growth of extremely small and low-cost sensors that possess sensing, signal processing and wireless communication capabilities. These sensors can be expended at a much lower cost and are capable of detecting conditions such as temperature, sound,(More)
—In this paper, we compare problems of cluster formation and cluster-head selection between different protocols for data aggregation and transmission. We focus on two aspects of the problem: (i) how to guess number of clusters required to proficiently consume available sources for a sensor network, and (ii) how to select number of cluster-heads to cover up(More)
One of the major problems in software security is the lack of knowledge about security among software developers. Even if a developer has good knowledge about current software vulnerabilities, they generally have little or no idea about the causes and measures that can avoid those vulnerabilities. Now it is established fact that most of the vulnerabilities(More)
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