S. Reggiani

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It is shown that the universal set of quantum logic gates can be realized using solid-state quantum bits based on coherent electron transport in quantum wires. The elementary quantum bits are realized with a proper design of two quantum wires coupled through a potential barrier. Numerical simulations show that (a) a proper design of the coupling barrier(More)
P. Palestri, C. Alexander, A. Asenov, G. Baccarani, A. Bournel, M. Braccioli, B. Cheng, P. Dollfus, A. Esposito, D. Esseni, A. Ghetti, C. Fiegna, G. Fiori, V. Aubry-Fortuna, G. Iannaccone, A. Martinez, B. Majkusiak, S. Monfray, S. Reggiani, C. Riddet, J. Saint-Martin, E. Sangiorgi, A. Schenk, L. Selmi, L. Silvestri, J. Walczak, 1 DIEGM, University of(More)
A very important class of homogeneous Riemannian manifolds are the so-called normal homogeneous spaces, which have associated a canonical connection. In this work we obtain geometrically the (connected component of the) group of affine transformations with respect to the canonical connection for a normal homogeneous space. The naturally reductive case is(More)
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