S. Reddy Vamshidhar Reddy

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The desired characteristic of next generation wireless communication is convergence of various heterogeneous technologies. By integrating heterogeneous technologies user will be provided high data rates, good service and connectivity. In this paper we consider the integration of wireless local area network (WLAN) in 3G network. We evaluate performance of(More)
Web usage mining is widely used to discover the usage patterns from web log files. It deals with web log data which are taken from web servers, proxy server or client's cache. By analyzing user's browsing behavior, next web page prediction can be made. Various types of mining algorithms proposed over the years based on different techniques. But(More)
Given the current market scenario, competition for dominance is at its peak. The best way for any smartphone manufacturer to deliver a quality product, is to perform a review analysis based on the end user experience and their demands. This helps the manufacturers to make necessary product changes and launch more relevant features in their smartphones. This(More)
Cartosat-1 provides stereo images of spatial resolution 2.5m with high fidelity of geometry. Stereo camera on the spacecraft has look angles of +26 degree and-5 degree respectively that yields effective along track stereo. Any DSM generation algorithm can use the stereo images for accurate 3D reconstruction and measurement of ground. Dense match points and(More)
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