S. Raza Haq

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Single molecule methods have provided a significantly new look at the behavior of biomolecules in both equilibrium and non-equilibrium conditions. Most notable are the stretching experiments performed by atomic force microscopes and laser tweezers. Here we present an alternative single molecule method that can unfold a protein domain, observed at electric(More)
Protein-protein interactions mediated by modular protein domains are critical for cell scaffolding, differentiation, signaling, and ultimately, evolution. Given the vast number of ligands competing for binding to a limited number of domain families, it is often puzzling how specificity can be achieved. Selectivity may be modulated by intradomain allostery,(More)
The affinity and specificity of protein-ligand interactions are influenced by energetic crosstalk within the protein domain. However, the molecular details of such intradomain allostery are still unclear. Here, we have experimentally detected and computationally predicted interaction pathways in the postsynaptic density 95/discs large/zonula occludens 1(More)
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