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This paper presents a comprehensive study of the pixel-based skin color detection techniques. Two main issues of the skin detection are the selection of the best color space and skin color pixel classification algorithm. A large set of XM2VTS face database is used to examine whether the selection of color space can enhance the compactness of the skin class(More)
Digital in-painting is relatively a young research area, yet a large variety of techniques were proposed by the researchers to correct the occlusion. Image in-painting aims to restore images with partly information loss and tries to make in-painting results as these missing parts in such a way that the reconstructed image looks natural. Many different types(More)
Low power multipliers with high clock frequencies play an important role in today’s digital signal processing. In this work, the performance analysis of Wallace-tree, Array and Baugh-Wooley multiplier architectures is carried out. Physical verification of all the sub-blocks is performed using HSpice to check their functionality and to optimize for(More)
With many applications in various domains, Face Recognition technology has received a great deal of attention over the decades in the field of image analysis and computer vision. It has been studied by scientists from different areas of psychophysical sciences and those from different areas of computer science. Psychologists and neuro-scientists mainly deal(More)
The narrow therapeutic range and limited pharmacokinetics of available Antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) have raised serious concerns in the proper management of epilepsy. To overcome this, the present study attempts to identify a candidate molecule targeting voltage gated potassium channels anticipated to have superior pharmacological than existing potassium(More)
Optical remote sensing data and microwave remote sensing data are complementary to each other and hence the fusion of these data would help in improving the classification accuracy. In this paper IRS LISS-III data and Radarsat-1 SAR data are fused using Bayesian formulation of data fusion. For this purpose SAR image is modeled using multiplicative(More)
In this paper, a method for the segmentation of the text regions from compound images is proposed. The Haar discrete wavelet transform (DWT) is employed. The resulted detail component sub bands contain both text edges and non-text edges. The Sobel edge detector is applied on each sub image to extract the strong edges. The resultant edges are used to form an(More)