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The objective of this paper is to use existing iris recognition methods as an alternative method to detect the presence of cholesterol in blood vessel. This research adopts John Dugan's and Libor Mask's iris recognition methods and alternative medicine, iridology. Based on the iris recognition methods and iridology chart, a MATLAB program has been created(More)
AIM OF STUDY To audit the incidence and management of post-tonsillectomy haemorrhage in the Singaporean context. METHODS Three hundred and sixty-six consecutive tonsillectomies done over a 2-year period were retrospectively studied. Demographic details and indication for operation were evaluated in conjunction with the incidence and management of(More)
Probe Taxi have been operated in the Bangkok since the July of 2012 by Toyota Tsusho Electronics (Thailand) Co. Ltd. Approximately 10,000 probe taxies are utilized for the real time traffic information monitoring and it provides the meaningful information of the traffic condition in the region such as travel flow information, best routes etc. GPS devices(More)
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