S. Ramesh Raju

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We present a perfusion culture system with miniature bioreactors and peristaltic pumps. The bioreactors are designed for perfusion, live-cell imaging studies, easy incorporation of microfabricated scaffolds, and convenience of operation in standard cell culture techniques. By combining with miniature peristaltic pumps-one for each bioreactor to avoid(More)
The analysis of bitemarks has a significant bearing on forensic odontology and has attracted an increasingly sophisticated array of techniques in its evaluation. Two postulates underlie all bitemark analyses: firstly, that the characteristics of the anterior teeth involved in the bite are unique, and secondly, that this uniqueness is accurately recorded in(More)
We introduce a new approach for randomizing the digit sets of binary integer representations used in elliptic curve cryptography, and present a formal analysis of the sparsity of such representations. The motivation is to improve the sparseness of integer representations and to provide a tool for defense against side channel attacks. Existing alternative(More)
(We describe the fabrication, characterization and operation of a microfabricated, overhanging micromachined SU-8 device that can stretch and compress individual cells. This compliant device is composed of folded beams with a single actuation point. Upon actuation with a glass micropipette attached to an XYZ positioner, it can apply varying deformation to(More)
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