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BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES The human system possesses antioxidants that act harmoniously to neutralize the harmful oxidants. This study was aimed to evaluate the serum total antioxidant capacity (TAC) as a single parameter in Eales' disease (ED) and in an acute inflammatory condition such as uveitis and in cataract which is chronic, compared to healthy(More)
PURPOSE Lysyl oxidase (LOX) cross-links the side chain of collagen and elastin and thereby contributes to extracellular matrix (ECM) integrity. ECM remodeling is seen in various ocular diseases. Until now, there have been no reports on the LOX enzyme's activity in ocular tissues. The purpose of this study was to estimate LOX activity and expression in human(More)
Transfer of secret data is an important aspect in the arena of developing technology. Privacy of data is one of the major tasks required now days. In this paper, we dealt with steganographic method using randomly generated key along with raster scan, which may include horizontal or vertical pattern, access of image pixels in order to hide a plaintext in an(More)
This paper demonstrates the superiority of energy-based features derived from the knowledge of predominant-pitch, for singing voice detection in polyphonic music over commonly used spectral features. However, such energy-based features tend to misclassify loud, pitched instruments. To provide robustness to such accompaniment we exploit the relative(More)