S. Ramakrishna

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Imperfect knowledge of the times at which 'snapshots' of a system are recorded degrades our ability to recover dynamical information, and can scramble the sequence of events. In X-ray free-electron lasers, for example, the uncertainty--the so-called timing jitter--between the arrival of an optical trigger ('pump') pulse and a probing X-ray pulse can exceed(More)
The rapid proliferation of Global Position Service (GPS) devices and mounting number of traffic monitoring systems employed by municipalities have opened the door for advanced traffic control and personalized route planning. Most state of the art traffic management and information systems focus on data analysis, and very little has been done in the sense of(More)
Unsupervised learning of text documents is an essential and significant process of knowledge discovery and data mining. The concept, context and semantic relevancy are the important and exclusive factors in text mining, where as in the case of unsupervised learning of record structured data, these factors are not in scope. The current majority of(More)
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