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Oral cancer is a potentially preventable disease due to its association with well-known risk factors and easy detectability. There is a significant deficiency in the awareness of oral cancer and its risk factors among the public. Raising public awareness could effectively contribute to achieving a significant reduction in the incidence of oral cancer. The(More)
The operation of Photovoltaic (PV) generator is highly influenced when it is prone to partial shading. This paper examines the performance of a photovoltaic array under different partial shading conditions. The mismatch losses and the power losses due to the failure in tracking of the global maximum power point (GMPP) of a series string of three modules(More)
This paper analyses the effect of moving non-uniform illumination conditions (moving shadow) on the output power on various array configurations. The effects of partial shading on the various array configurations and the influence of bypass diodes in improving the short circuit current have been thoroughly investigated. Each solar array is composed of(More)
When a distributed generator (DG) is connected to a system and if a fault occurs, it acts as a source of fault current. Original relay protection scheme is affected by the connection of distributed generators (DG) and causes mal-operation of both primary and backup relays. The fault current contribution of DG can be limited by placing fault current limiter(More)
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