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MOTIVATION The major signal in coding regions of genomic sequences is a three-base periodicity. Our aim is to use Fourier techniques to analyse this periodicity, and thereby to develop a tool to recognize coding regions in genomic DNA. RESULT The three-base periodicity in the nucleotide arrangement is evidenced as a sharp peak at frequency f = 1/3 in the(More)
The mechanism(s) by which exercise reduces atherogenic risk remains unknown. This study tested the hypothesis that sustained exercise-induced oxidative stress may increase antioxidant defense in the arterial wall. Acute exercise induced an increase in antibodies to oxidatively modified proteins and catalase in the aortic walls of normal mice compared with(More)
A novel block matching algorithm for motion estimation in a video frame sequence, well suited for a high performance FPGA implementation is presented in this paper. The algorithm is up to 40% faster when compared to one of the fastest existing algorithms, viz., one-at-a-time step search algorithm without compromising either in the image quality or in the(More)
In this paper, an adaptive color image enhancement based on geometric mean filter is proposed. The contrast of the color image is enhanced by using saturation feedback from saturation components and incorporating spatial information into luminance components. Hue is preserved in order to avoid color distortion. The adaptive luminance enhancement is achieved(More)
Plasma membrane lipid composition must be maintained during growth and under environmental insult. In yeast, signaling mediated by TOR Complex 2 (TORC2)-dependent protein kinase Ypk1 controls lipid abundance and distribution in response to membrane stress. Ypk1, among other actions, alleviates negative regulation of L-serine:palmitoyl-CoA acyltransferase,(More)