S. Ramachandram

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Though fertility among mosaic Turner syndrome women has been reported, spontaneous pregnancy is rare with risk of miscarriages and chromosomal abnormalities (Rizk and Deb 2003). We report an unusual family in which a mother with mosaic 45,X[13]/46,X,add(X)(?q26)[17] gave birth to two children bearing 47,XX,add(X)(q26)mat. Both children, aged 12 years old(More)
The large computing capacity provided by grid systems is beneficial for solving complex problems by using many nodes of the grid at the same time. The usefulness of a grid system largely depends, among other factors, on the efficiency of the system regarding the allocation of jobs to grid resources. This paper proposes an Roulette Wheel Selection Genetic(More)
The main issues in Grid System are performance and Reliability. Achieving high performance Grid Computing requires techniques to efficiently and adaptively allocate tasks and applications to available resources in a large scale, highly heterogeneous, reliable and dynamic environment. Due to operational grid technology which expands the range and scale of(More)
Zone Routing Protocol (ZRP) is a hybrid routing protocol used in ad-hoc networks. The authors have proposed a new routing protocol called, genetic zone routing protocol (GZRP) which is an extension of ZRP applied with genetic algorithms (GA) for finding the alternative routes in order to load balance the network and as well to resist to the link and/or node(More)
There is an urgent need to encrypt data in databases to protect sensitive data. But, encrypted data cannot be efficiently queried because the data has to be decrypted. To resolve this problem, many Order Preserving Encryption (OPE) schemes were suggested. The comparisons operation can be directly performed on encrypted data using OPE schemes. According to(More)
This paper reports the studies related to scalability of network size on our newly proposed routing protocol, genetic zone routing protocol (GZRP) for mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs). This protocol applies genetic algorithms (GA) to zone routing protocol (ZRP) for finding a limited set of multiple alternative routes to the destinations, in order to provide(More)
Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) has become an emerging technology in recent days due to its easy deployment and low setup cost. In WMN, Routing protocols play an important role and these are susceptible to various kinds of internal attacks. One such attack that has severe impact on a WMN is a wormhole attack. A Wormhole is a low-latency link between two parts(More)
Computational grids have become attractive and promising platforms for solving large-scale high-performance applications of multi-institutional interest. However, the management of resources and computational tasks is a critical and complex undertaking as these resources and tasks are geographically distributed and a heterogeneous in nature. This paper(More)
In Grid Computing the number of resources and tasks is usually very large, which makes the scheduling task very complex optimization problem. Genetic algorithms (GAs) have been broadly used to solve these NP-complete problems efficiently. On the other hand, the Standard Genetic algorithm (SGA) is too slow when used in a realistic scheduling due to its(More)