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—Physical systems used for control applications require proper control methodologies to obtain the desired response. Controller parameters used in such applications have to be tuned properly for obtaining the desired response from the systems. Tuning controller parameters depends on the physical parameters of the systems. Therefore, the physical parameters(More)
In speech communication systems, it is mandatory to have noise free speech signal with high quality and clarity to obtain high performance. In real world it is very complicated to stockpile noise free speech signal all time for the speech communication system. It is found that speech signals get affected by background noise and tamper the system accuracy.(More)
Roughs set theory (RST) is one of the major components of soft computing and has the capability of dealings with vagueness/uncertainty/ambiguity. Recently, significant growth of the applications of RST in various image processing applications has triggered to do this review. This paper presents a short review of the concepts and applications of RST with(More)
Document clustering has been studied as a post retrieval document visualization technique to provide an intuitive navigation and browsing mechanism by organizing documents into groups and each group represents a different topic. The clustering techniques are based on four concepts: Data representation model, Similarity measure, Clustering model, and(More)
AbsTRACT In this chapter, we propose a new scheme for Multi User Detection (MUD) using Parallel Interference Cancellation (PIC) technique. This technique provides a good complexity, latency, and performance compromise. Among spread-spectrum techniques, the most popular one is the Direct-Sequence Code-Division Multiple-Access (DS-CDMA), where each active(More)
We study a basic algorithmic problem in algebraic geometry, which we call NNL, of constructing a normalizing map as per Noether's Normalization Lemma. For general explicit varieties, as formally defined in this paper, we give a randomized polynomial-time Monte Carlo algorithm for this problem. For some interesting cases of explicit varieties, we give(More)
With the revolution in the wireless communication and networks there is an increase urge for achieving higher data rates and mobility. The higher data rates give rise to the frequency selective propagation while carrier frequency offset and mobility induced Doppler shift introduces time selectivity in the wireless links, which is termed as Doubly selective.(More)
The image data is normally corrupted by additive noise during acquisition. This reduces the accuracy and reliability of any automatic analysis. For this reason, denoising methods are often applied to restore the original image. The effectiveness of image denoising depends on the estimation of noise variance of noisy image. In this paper, the Discrete(More)
This paper presents the excitation control of a high speed Switched Reluctance Generator (SRG). The single-pulse control strategy is widely adopted for high speed SRG which discretizes the generator model into a static optimization problem with excitation angles as the control variables. The conventional procedure of finding the optimal excitation angles is(More)