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Immunocytochemical and Golgi staining techniques were used to correlate the morphology of neurons in layers I and VI of the rabbit's visual cortex. Antisera against somatostatine (SOM) and vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) were employed in the immunocytochemical investigation. In layer I, SOM-positive cells were multipolar and situated in the lower part(More)
In the adult rabbit, the majority of the VIP-immunoreactive neurons are distributed in layer II-III of the visual cortex. Labeled cells are also seen in layers VI, IV, V and occasionally in layer I. During postnatal development, we can see labeled neurons on the 2nd day of life, and in layers II-III-IV-V-VI on the 4th day. On the 7th day, these neurons(More)
In the adult rabbit, the somatostatin-immunoreactive neurons are seen in all visual cortical layers, with the majority of them being found in layers II-III, V and VI. During postnatal development, we can see labeled cells in layer VI at birth and in layers V and VI on the 3rd day. The labeled cells are seen in layers II-III beginning on the 5th day, and on(More)
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