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The main objective of traffic surveillance system is to reduce the risk caused by accident. Many papers published were concerned only about the vehicle detection during daytime. But we proposed a method to detect the vehicle during night time. The main objective of our paper is to count the vehicles in night time traffic scenes. It consists of three phases,(More)
Mobile Ad Hoc Networks consists of mobile nodes which are organized in a random manner. It can communicate with each other without any centralized infrastructure. Due to congestion, the packet loss is heavily occurred in the particular link. In order to avoid congestion, cross layer based congestion control scheme is proposed for reducing the packet losses(More)
The risk-cost analysis for safety critical systems of nuclear power plants (NPPs) are very useful in safe, economical and effective design and operation of such plants. The issue of risk effectiveness versus associated costs is an optimization problem where two separate cases can be considered. First one is the cost minimization while the performance or(More)
Quality assurance in production line demands reliable weld joints. Human made errors is a major cause of faulty production. Promptly Identifying errors in the weld while welding is in progress will decrease the post inspection cost spent on the welding process. Electrical parameters generated during welding, could able to characterize the process(More)
Haloperidol, an antipsychotic drug, leads to the development of a behavioural state called catalepsy, in which the animal is not able to correct an externally imposed posture. In the present study we have attempted to evaluate the anticataleptic effect of Tribulus terrestris on haloperidol-induced catalepsy in albino mice. Mice were allocated to four(More)
—Processing blurred images is a key problem in many image applications. Existing methods to obtain blur invariants which are invariant with respect to centrally symmetric blur are based on geometric moments or complex moments. In this paper, we propose a new method to construct a set of blur invariants using the orthogonal Legendre moments. Some important(More)
Identification of events in nuclear power plant is a very challenging task because each event has a unique set of patterns based on the dynamic behavior of the plant. Accordingly the effective set of parameters has to be chosen to identify an event having a particular pattern. This paper describes the development of artificial neural network (ANN) model for(More)
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