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With the ever-increasing global demand for high quality rice in both local production regions and with Western consumers, we have a strong desire to understand better the importance of the different traits that make up the quality of the rice grain and obtain a full picture of rice quality demographics. Rice is by no means a 'one size fits all' crop.(More)
Now-a-days Power consumption (or) power dissipation has becomes the most important criteria for implementing anyone of the digital circuit. While calculating the efficient value of the output of that particular digital circuit, we may use the concept of scaling. But, while increasing the scaling process there may be a loss of leakage current. Due to the(More)
The main objective of traffic surveillance system is to reduce the risk caused by accident. Many papers published were concerned only about the vehicle detection during daytime. But we proposed a method to detect the vehicle during night time. The main objective of our paper is to count the vehicles in night time traffic scenes. It consists of three phases,(More)
In this paper, a low-power novel design technique proposed in [1] to minimize the standby leakage power, in nanoscale CMOS very large scale integration (VLSI) systems by generating the reverse body-bias voltage, is applied to op-amp circuit and the stack circuit. The optimal reverse body-bias voltage is generated from the proposed leakage circuit, and(More)
—With the increase in Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) operating experience, the importance of effectively scheduling the maintenance activities has been recognized as it decreases the testing and maintenance costs without compromising the plant safety. Surveillance Tests are vital for safety critical systems of nuclear plants that need regular maintenance for(More)
Quality assurance in production line demands reliable weld joints. Human made errors is a major cause of faulty production. Promptly Identifying errors in the weld while welding is in progress will decrease the post inspection cost spent on the welding process. Electrical parameters generated during welding, could able to characterize the process(More)
Haloperidol, an antipsychotic drug, leads to the development of a behavioural state called catalepsy, in which the animal is not able to correct an externally imposed posture. In the present study we have attempted to evaluate the anticataleptic effect of Tribulus terrestris on haloperidol-induced catalepsy in albino mice. Mice were allocated to four(More)
Along with privacy, discrimination is a very important issue when considering the legal and ethical aspects of data mining. It is more than observable that the majority people do not want to be discriminated because of their gender, nationality, religion, age and so on, particularly when those aspects are used for making decisions about them like giving(More)