S. Rajesh Bansode

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also called IP Telephony, is rapidly becoming a familiar term and technology that is invading enterprise, education and government organizations. This paper is focused on review of VoIP operation over 802.11b WLAN, the problems faced and their solutions. Main consideration is the multihop wireless network and the(More)
Daily Rhythms in Retinal pigment movements were observed in crab eyestalk. The crab B. jaquimontii acclimatized to laboratory conditions were considered. The three groups: natural photoperiod (6:18), a group kept in constant darkness (12:12) and a group kept at constant light (24L: OD) was studied for three days. After begin of experiment, the eyestalk were(More)
In wireless communication the concept of parallel transmission of symbols is applied to fast incoming serial data which is bursty in nature due to multipath fading requires to achieve high throughput and better transmission quality. Orthogonal Frequency Division multiplex (OFDM) is one of the technique for parallel transmission which maintains orthogonality(More)
Recently π/4 shifted differential quadrature phase shift keying (π/4-DQPSK) modulation has attracted much attention since it is used for high-capacity code division multiple access (CDMA) based digital cellular systems. One of the major reasons behind the provision for differential detection which allows the production of low complexity mobile units.(More)
Communication networks are all about providing means to communicate that is for (exchanging the user information). The user information can be viewed as user traffic akin to the traffic on the road that moves across the road network. The fastest growth of data communication Networks over the past decades has resulted in the development of sophisticated(More)
In a communication network consider a collection of (correlated) source nodes that need to communicate to a common sink node, then the distributed source coding problem is one of design system (of encoders and decoder) that optimally compresses the correlated sources. The key aspect of the design is that the source nodes are not allowed to communicate with(More)
The performance of Wireless Networked Control System is affected due to distributed medium access control, data rates, random delay and packet losses. Networked control systems have the feedback control loops closed over a shared wireless network. The wireless network medium access control (MAC) protocols affect the performance of the networked control(More)
Distributed coding is a new paradigm for video compression based on Slepian and Wolf's and Wyner and Ziv's information-theoretic results from the 1970s. This paper reviews the recent development of practical distributed video coding schemes. Wyner--Ziv coding, i. e., lossy compression with receiver side information, enables low-complexity video encoding(More)
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