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Objectives. To measure umbilical coiling index (UCI) postnatally and to study the association of normocoiling, hypocoiling and hypercoiling to maternal and perinatal outcome. Method(s). One thousand antenatal women who went into labour were studied and umbilical coiling index calculated at the time of delivery. UCI was determined by dividing the total(More)
This paper provides an overview of adult learner participation in open and distance education by focusing participation needs based on selected socio-demographic variables such as age, years of working experience and monthly income. The related study involved a sample of 454 Open University Malaysia students from a number of learning centres located in(More)
The adjunctive use of laminaria tent along with intramuscular 15(S)15 methyl PGF2α (Prostin 15M, Upjohn) was studied for induction of second trimester abortion. Three hundred and two patients from eight centres were recruited for the study. Ninety-two were primigravidae and 210 were multigravidae. One to three laminaria tents were inserted overnight and(More)
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