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Molecular identification of microalgal species is vital and involves sequencing of specific markers present in the genome, which are unique to a genus. PCR is a vital tool for identification of microalgae; the preparation of template DNA for PCR by traditional methods requires large amount of algal cells and a time-consuming process. One simple way to(More)
Cognitive Radio is a novel technology that has the potential to deal with the requirement and scarcity of the underutilized radio spectrum. A remedy to spectrum scarcity is to improve spectrum utilization by spectrum sensing where the secondary unlicensed users are allowed to access the underutilized licensed bands when the primary licensed users are(More)
An Ultra Wideband (UWB) monopole antenna on a shaped ground plane is presented. This compact and thin antenna operates from 3.1 to 10.6 GHz. The radiating element is created by stitching the conductive thread instead of the copper metallization. The ground plane is created by using a Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP)material(&#x03B5; <sub>r</sub>=2.9). The(More)
Mobile nodes in a MANET incur much overload having to forward the packets of the adjacent nodes. Each node is expected to behave within the boundaries delineated by the underlying protocol. Each node in a MANET is expected to wait for a pre specified time interval generally termed as the Back off interval. This back off interval is supposed to be chosen(More)
Wireless Sensor Network(WSN) consists of tiny sensor nodes that are capable of sensing the environment and transmit the gathered information to the monitoring site. Conventional WSN architecture has limitations in bandwidth, power and storage. In case of multimedia applications data to be handled by the network is too large, which can be reduced with help(More)
In Wireless Sensor Networks security is of major concern as it is susceptible to various types of attacks. Jamming is one such Denial of Service attack that has been addressed at the physical layer that prevents the legitimate nodes from performing its basic function thereby decreasing the network performance. Hence anti jamming techniques has become(More)
A rapid, cost effective method of metagenomic DNA extraction from soil is a useful tool for environmental microbiology. The present work describes an improved method of DNA extraction namely "powdered glass method" from diverse soils. The method involves the use of sterile glass powder for cell lysis followed by addition of 1% powdered activated charcoal(More)