S. R. Zuhrie

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One hundred and ninety-one adults with acute myelogenous leukaemia were treated with combination chemotherapy consisting of daunorubicin and cytosine arabinoside (Barts III). Sixty-three patients achieved remission and were admitted to one of 3 trials of active immunotherapy: immunotherapy alone, immunotherapy and maintenance chemotherapy or neither of(More)
Forty-one adult patients with acute myelogenous leukaemia entered remission induced by daunorubicin and cytosine arabinoside, and subsequently received 6 weeks' consolidation therapy with cyclophosphamide plus 6-thioguanine. They were then randomized to either immunotherapy consisting of intradermal BCG plus allogeneic cells or to "no maintenance". Patients(More)
Twenty-one patients with primary immunoglobulin deficiency were enrolled in a crossover study to test the efficacy and safety of Alphaglobin in comparison with the licensed preparations Sandoglobulin and Gamimune. There was no statistical difference in these parameters between Alphaglobin and Sandoglobulin/Gamimune. The level of total serum IgG and specific(More)
At the time of the 1992-1994 annual reviews in the thrombosis prevention trial, general practitioners (GPs) carried out clinical examination for aneurysms by abdominal palpation in 4171 men. When an aneurysm was suspected, the patient was referred to hospital for further investigation. Aneurysm was suspected in 60 men (1.4%) and confirmed in 25 (0.6%), the(More)
statistical methods that have been devised (Zuhrie (1978) presented trends with time in estimated median survival at the last MRC Leukaemia Review meeting) for the analysis of survivorship in the series of studies from which the above example was drawn. I am concerned that correct statistical methodology should be applied to these data, as they probably(More)
Tests comparing lymphocytes from normal controls, remission AML patients not receiving immunotherapy, and AML immunotherapy patients showed that cell-mediated cytotoxicity (CMC) to allogeneic AML cells requires in vivo priming and in vitro stimulation by AML cells. An in vitro lymphoproliferative response to allogeneic AML cells correlated with the(More)
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