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The application of lanthanum (La) in industry, medicine, and agriculture may cause accumulation of the element in human body. This article examines the effects of La on the femur bone mineral of male Wistar rats after administration of La(NO3)3 by gavage at the dose of 2.0 mg La(NO3)3 · kg−1 · day−1 over a 6-month period. Chemical analysis confirmed La(More)
Plasma ammonia level (PAL) was studied in 43 cases of acute leukemia (AL). PAL was 39.21 +/- 26.2 mumol/L in normal controls and 38.8 +/- 16.6 mumol/L in leukemic patients before chemotherapy. High PAL was found in 40 cases after chemotherapy. Six cases showed clinical manifestations due to severe hyperammonemia, including dizziness, lethargy, confusion,(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the role of filarial and bacterial infections in the recurrent attacks of acute adenolymphangitis due to malayan fialriasis. METHODS 1. To observe the seasonal fluctuation of acute attacks by performing monthly follow-up on patients with history of acute attacks in recent years. 2. To study the relationship between bacterial infection(More)
Using enzymatic assay and radioimmunoassay, we studied the functional status of pancreatic islet in 50 patients with acute leukemia. Oral glucose tolerance test and insulin and C peptide release were made in 40 patients before and after treatment. 14 patients who revealed diabetic curve and delayed insulin and C peptide release before treatment showed(More)
A method for computer extraction of geological lineaments from LANDSAT images is presented. The variance thresholded map of each image is separated into eight gradient direction maps, where basic linear segments are determined each of which is based on the principal eigen vector of a cluster of pixels whose gradient direction is orthogonal to its(More)
AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) were exposed to 3 MeV protons at fluences of 6 10, 4 10 and 1 10 protons/cm. The drain saturation currents decreased by 20% and the maximum transconductance decreased by 5% at the highest fluence. As the fluence increased, the threshold voltage shifted more positive values. After proton irradiation, the(More)
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