S. R. T. Kudri

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The first aim of this paper is to introduce and to study the concepts of 'complete Scott continuity' and 'completely induced L-fuzzy topological space'. The second is to discuss the connections between some separation, countability and covering properties of an ordinary topological space and its corresponding completely induced L-fuzzy topological space. ©(More)
Definitions are presented for two covering properties in an L-topological space: Hurewicz property and selectively ∗-grouping property. The main theorem gives conditions for a spaceXn to be Hurewicz by means of selectively ∗-grouping property.We prove that the fuzzy unit interval has the selectively ∗-grouping property. We also present L-versions for some(More)
In ordinary topology, Matveev 1 has introduced a topological property called inverse compactness which is weaker than compactness and stronger than countable compactness. In 1, 2 , inverse countable compactness and inverse Lindelöfness have been defined and studied. A topological space X is called inversely compact if and only if for every open cover β of(More)
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