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—Recently, the authors proposed a clustering approach based on the Fuzzy C-medoid algorithm (FCMdd), for segregating large power systems into coherent electric areas centered around a representative so-called medoid-bus. This bus was shown to be a natural location for PMU in the context of wide-area measurement system (WAMS) configuration for of dynamic(More)
—In all areas of engineering, modelers are constantly pushing for more accurate models and their goal is generally achieved with increasingly complex, data-mining-based black-box models. On the other hand, model users which include policy makers and systems operators tend to favor transparent, in-terpretable models not only for predictive decision-making(More)
A new approach for power system event recognition and classification using HS-transform and RBFNN is presented in this paper. Different power system events (disturbances) like sag, swell, notch, spike, transient, and chirp are generated and processed through Hyperbolic S-transform (HS-Transform). The excellent time-frequency resolution property of(More)