S. R. Samantaray

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A new approach for protection of transmission line including TCSC is presented in this paper. The proposed method includes application of Fuzzy Neural Network for distance relaying of a transmission line operating with a thyristor controlled series capacitor (TCSC) protected by MOVs. Here the fuzzy neural network (FNN) is used for calculating fault location(More)
—In all areas of engineering, modelers are constantly pushing for more accurate models and their goal is generally achieved with increasingly complex, data-mining-based black-box models. On the other hand, model users which include policy makers and systems operators tend to favor transparent, in-terpretable models not only for predictive decision-making(More)
This paper presents a data-mining-based intelligent differential relaying scheme for transmission lines, including flexible ac transmission system device, such as unified power flow controller (UPFC) and wind farms. Initially, the current and voltage signals are processed through extended Kalman filter phasor measurement unit for phasor estimation, and 21(More)