S. R. Pring

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One-dimensional piecewise-smooth discontinuous maps (maps with gaps) are known to have surprisingly rich dynamics, including periodic orbits with very high period and bifurcation diagrams showing period-adding or period-incrementing behavour. In this paper we study a new class of maps, which we refer to as regularised one-dimensional discontinuous maps,(More)
A mathematical model was constructed to simulate the bovine oestrous cycle by using nonlinear differential equations to describe the biological mechanisms which regulate the cycle. The model predicts circulating concentrations of gonadotrophin-releasing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, oestradiol, inhibin and progesterone. These(More)
In this paper we study the dynamics of an impact oscillator with a modified reset law derived from considering a problem (the pin-ball machine) with an active impact. Typical studies of the impact oscillator consider impacts which are governed by Newton’s Law of Restitution where the velocity after impact is r times less than the incoming velocity. But in(More)
In recent years discontinuous maps, which are commonly referred to as maps with gaps, have been derived from applications, both electronic and mechanical, and it has been shown that these maps have suprisingly rich dynamics. In this paper we study a new class of maps which we refer to as regularised maps with gaps because they have very similar dynamics to(More)
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