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We introduce the notion of a complementary cone and a nondegenerate linear transformation and characterize the finiteness of the solution set of a linear complementarity problem over a closed convex cone in a finite dimensional real inner product space. In addition to the above, other geometrical properties of complementary cones have been explored. © 2005(More)
In the present study evaluation of L-band SAR data at different polarization combinations in linear, circular as well as hybrid polarimetric imaging modes for crop and other landuse classifications has been carried out. Full-polarimetric radar data contains all the scattering information for any arbitrary polarization state, hence data of any combination of(More)
In this paper we show that if A is a matrix in the class of matrices E(d), for a d ~ R", d > 0, introduced by Garcia, then the boundary of the set of q ~ R" for which the linear complementarity problem (q, A) has a solution is equal to the union of all strongly degenerate cones of (/, -A). This is a generalization of a similar result for copositive plus(More)
Given a real square matrix M of order n and a vector q c N" the problem of f inding nonnega t ive vectors w ~ R n and z c R" such that w M z = q, w ' z = 0, is k n o w n as the l inear complementar i ty problem and is denoted by (q, M). For any matr ix A let A.j denote its j t h co lumn and let I denote the identi ty matrix whose order is de te rmined from(More)