S. R. Mahmoud

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We combine mathematical modeling with experiments in living mice to quantify the relative roles of intrinsic cellular vs. tissue-scale physiological contributors to chemotherapy drug resistance, which are difficult to understand solely through experimentation. Experiments in cell culture and in mice with drug-sensitive (Eµ-myc/Arf-/-) and drug-resistant(More)
AUTHOR SUMMARY Cancer treatment efficacy can be significantly enhanced through the elution of drug from nano-carriers that can temporarily stay in the tumor vasculature. Here we present a relatively simple yet powerful mathematical model that accounts for both spatial and temporal heterogeneities of drug dosing to help explain, examine, and prove this(More)
Keywords: Incompressible Initial stress Anisotropic S-wave Gravity field a b s t r a c t In this paper, propagation of shear waves in a non-homogeneous anisotropic incompress-ible, gravity field and initially stressed medium is studied. Analytical analysis reveals that the velocity of propagation of the shear waves depends upon the direction of propagation,(More)
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