S. R. Loskutov

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The results of the study of the qualitative composition and relative content of highly volatile compounds from the needles in two natural pine populations located in the forest-steppe zone in the south of Central Siberia are presented. Altogether, 89 components were isolated. Analysis of intra- and interpopulation variability of 31 terpenoids (mono- and(More)
The hygroscopic properties of the litter of coniferous (larch and pine) and deciduous (aspen and birch) stands were studied in terms of isotherms of water-vapor sorption and with use of thermal analysis methods (TG, DSC). It was found that most of the monolayer capacity belongs to subhorizons OL and OF of the larch and pine forest litters. The larch(More)
Intrapopulation diversity and correlations of 30 volatile compounds in needles have been studied in Scots pine populations of southern Siberia. Significant differences between populations have been revealed in the correlation pattern of relative terpenoid contents in needle samples. Stable combinations of closely associated mono- and sesquiterpenes and(More)
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