S. R. Kennedy

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We present a simple, versatile technique for the fabrication of large, three-dimensional gap photonic crystals using glancing angle deposition (GLAD). A tetragonal lattice suitable for a large photonic band gap (PBG) can be synthesized by a regular array of square spiral structures grown from a simple, prepatterned substrate using physical vapor deposition(More)
We deposited graded-index SiO2 films using glancing angle deposition to produce high-transmission antireflection coatings on glass. Because of the accurate control over the thin-film microstructure provided by this technique, we were able to create graded densities with a Gaussian profile resulting in transmission values greater than 99.9% for a(More)
We report the fabrication and optical characterization of a tetragonal square spiral photonic crystal with a three-dimensional relative band gap of approximately 10% using the glancing angle deposition (GLAD) technique. This thin film structure is produced in a one-step process that is highly versatile as a wide range of crystal structures can be created(More)
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