S . R . Girimaji

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A young boy presented with mental retardation and seizures with extensive hairy naevi. After a fluctuating clinical course over the next 2 years, he worsened rapidly with signs of rising intracranial pressure. A CT scan revealed unsuspected features of Dandy-Walker syndrome. The clinical course is traced till the patient's death, and the implications of the(More)
Mental retardation due to fragile X syndrome is one of the genetic disorders caused by triplet repeat expansion. CGG repeat involved in this disease is known to exhibit polymorphism even among normal individuals. Here we describe the development of suitable probes for detection of polymorphism in CGG repeat at FMR1 locus as well as the diagnosis of fragile(More)
OBJECTIVES To see whether classic DSM-III-R criteria for mania are applicable to Indian youngsters and to examine the clinical presentation of mania in an Indian child and adolescent psychiatric sample. METHOD Fifty subjects with a diagnosis of functional psychosis as per the definition in ICD-9 were recruited from the population referred during the study(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether juvenile obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is familial and whether the rate of Tourette syndrome (TS) and tic disorders is higher among relatives of patients with OCD than among relatives of controls subjects. METHOD We assessed first-degree relatives of 35 juvenile OCD probands (aged 16 years or less) and 34 matched,(More)
Classification of psychosis in childhood and adolescence has always been controversial due to the possible developmental modulation of symptom expression. Major classificatory systems have no special criteria for children, and recommend the use of adult criteria. Hence, this study aimed to study the nosology of psychosis of childhood and adolescence, using(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examined the rate, correlates, and clinical outcome of childhood hysteria in a sample of inpatients in India. For comparison, the rate of this disorder among outpatients was computed. METHOD Data were derived from case records of inpatient (n = 143) and outpatient admissions (n = 640) during a 1-year interval at the Child and(More)
This prospective cross-sectional study compared 25 children with pervasive developmental disorder and epilepsy and 25 children having pervasive developmental disorder without epilepsy on pervasive developmental disorder scores, Childhood Autism Rating Scale scores, language disability, presence of regression, and epileptiform abnormalities. Epilepsy(More)
Fragile X syndrome is the commonest form of X-linked disorder. Its frequency among MR ranges from 6-9%. There are a few reports available on Fragile X syndrome from Indian population and we have screened for 300 MR subjects with 26 subjects (8.6%) showing Fragile X chromosome expression in 340% of lymphocyte cultures. Herein, we have discussed frequency of(More)
BACKGROUND Maternal alcohol abuse during pregnancy can lead to fetal neurotoxicity and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). AIMS To compare the clinical features and neurobehavioral profiles of children exposed to alcohol during pregnancy with controls. METHODOLOGY Children exposed to alcohol in utero (n = 26) and 27-years age- and sex-matched(More)