S. R. Dixit

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Edge is basic feature of image and it is to be detected using various methods which are used for image enhancement, image segmentations, tracking etc. In this paper, a canny edge detection algorithm which is based on VHDL is proposed. Generally images are affected by noise; to reduce the effect of noise Gaussian filtering is used. It also performs image(More)
In this paper, programming characteristics of two- bit SONOS (silicon-oxide-nitride-oxide-silicon) with high-k dielectric material is analysed. Two bit is used for increment of storage density instead of a single cell. Hafnium Oxide has good programming characteristics, so in this design Hafnium Oxide as high-k material is used. This material is responsible(More)
This paper proposes a cloud-based vehicular data acquirement and analytics system for real-time driver conduct monitoring, trip analysis, and vehicle diagnostics. It comprises of an On-Board Diagnostics (OBD2) port to Bluetooth technology, a mobile application running on a smart phone, and a cloud based backend. The mobile app envisions both real-time data(More)
Edge detection is first and essential step in the field of image processing. Detected edges play a very important role such as image enhancement, object detection, focus area selection and many more. In medical application like tonsillitis, tumor, fracture can be detected in its early stage by detecting edges of disease. There are different and many ways(More)
VLSI architecture for VQ problems such as real-time image coding. The encoding process applied is independent of the vector dimensions and does not perform any arithmetic operations. Each processing elements in the VLSI is a magnitude comparator So far, we have studied still image coding techniques and the standards there in. In this paper now going to
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