S. R. Cvetkovic

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Recent advances in telecommunication technologies allow the design of information and communication systems for people who are caring for others in the home as family members or as professionals in the health or community centres. The present paper analyses and classifies the information flow and maps it to an information life cycle, which governs the(More)
The Mobile Internet Protocol (MIP) [1] is an extension for Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) providing the capability to move between IP subnets without losing any Internet connectivity, which is important for handoffs between cells in wireless environments. However, currently due to the design MIP suffers from issues such as performance regarding handoffs(More)
An efficient computer-aided solution procedure based on the finite-element method is developed for the analysis of hybrid waves guided by uniaxial planar waveguides for the case when the optical axis is in the plane of the slab. In this approach, self-consistent solutions are obtained by a simple iterative scheme. Dispersion relations for hybrid waves in a(More)
An efficient, accurate, and automated vectorial finite-element software package (named WAVEGIDE), which is implemented within a PDE/Protran problem-solving environment, has been extended to general multilayer anisotropic waveguides. With our system, through an interactive question-and-answer session, the problem can be simply defined with high-level(More)
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