S . R . Colley

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An outbreak of gastrointestinal illness occurred among a party of diners at a hotel in South Yorkshire. A case control study identified a gateau, from an outside supplier, as the likeliest vehicle of infection. Further gateaux from the same baker's premises and other outlets were examined microbiologically. Three other outbreaks of food poisoning in(More)
The direct impacts of coral diseases on coral populations have been assessed by quantifying coral tissue loss and colony mortality, but the determination of the indirect effects of diseases, such as disruptions in life history functions (e.g. reproduction, growth and maintenance), are more difficult to ascertain and have been scant. This study involved a(More)
Planting oyster cultch is a common management approach used to enhance recruitment. The two most popular cultchmaterials are shell and limestone. Both are sold by volume or weight; however, once deposited on oyster grounds, only a small portion of the total surface area of each particle is available for recruitment. Shell and limestone have different(More)
New perspectives are provided on significant spatial structure and temporal variability in the nearstar wind regions (i.e. < 3 R?) of the massive luminous star HD 152408 (classified as O8:Iafpe or WN9ha). This study is primarily based on the analysis of high-quality échelle spectra secured during 21 nights between 1999 July to August, using the(More)
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