S. R. Bhadra Chaudhuri

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This work proposes Steganographic technique for hiding multiple images in a color image based on DWT and DCT. The cover image is decomposed into three separate color planes namely R, G and B. Individual planes are decomposed into subbands using DWT. DCT is applied in HH component of each plane. Secret images are dispersed among the selected DCT coefficients(More)
This paper proposed a DWT based Steganographic technique. Cover image is decomposed into four sub bands using DWT. Two secret images are embedded within the HL and HH sub bands respectively. During embedding secret images are dispersed within each band using a pseudo random sequence and a Session key. Secret images are extracted using the session key and(More)
Present work proposes a Stationary Wavelet Transformation based audio authentication technique. Audio stream is converted into two dimensional square matrix forms. 2-D signal is decomposed into four sub bands using Stationary Wavelet Transformation. HH sub band is further decomposed using Stationary Wavelet Transformation. Authenticating image is embedded(More)
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