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Although there have been many previous reports of serious medical device malfunctions caused by electromagnetic interference (EMI), it is not widely recognized that many such malfunctions were "silent," having occurred without triggering a device alarm. The authors describe one such malfunction, and its implications. An 8-year-old radiant heater, which(More)
In all rapidly changing systems, an appropriate response time of all sensing devices is essential for the accurate conversion of a physiological parameters to a proportional electrical signal. The frequency response of equipment is the ability to accurately reflect both the magnitude and temporal relationship of dynamic events over a defined frequency(More)
This study presents theory, operation, and evaluation of a new earpiece method for measurement of cardiac output using the multichannel fiberoptic system recently described. The system includes an earpiece of simple design and small size suitable for applications in all subjects regardless of their age or size. The method requires no withdrawal and analysis(More)
Design principles and performance of a new fiberoptic oximeter-densitometer for measurement of blood oxygen saturation are described. This instrument is capable of performing measurements using either an intravascular catheter, flow-through cuvette, or earpiece. The operations of the flow-through cuvette and earpiece are based on the principles of light(More)
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