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BACKGROUND Most reported sporotrichosis cases came from South American countries, the USA, India and Japan. This mycosis is also endemic in Northeast China. However, the situation is not clear for international researchers due to lack of large series reported in English. OBJECTIVES To report and analyse 457 sporotrichosis cases. METHODS Retrospective(More)
To study the relationship between hypertension and their quality of life in Changsha City, in the elderly primary questionnaire concerning quality of life developed by the Chinese Geriatric Association was used to investigate 555 aged workers. A community-based control programme on hypertension and it's impact was analysed. The results of stepwise(More)
A 20-year-old man was referred for intermittent fever associated with weight loss and progressive dyspnoea that were unresponsive to empirical antibiotics and anti-tuberculous chemotherapy. A diagnosis of pleuropulmonary sarcoidosis was eventually made histologically via a thoracotomy and the patient improved with corticosteroid therapy.
Editor Vitiligo is a common skin disease and about 25% of the individuals affected develop the disease before the age of 8 years. Widely accepted therapies for childhood vitiligo are topical corticosteroids, vitamin D3 analogues, PUVA or NB-UVB therapy and the guidelines for the management of vitiligo usually do not recommend surgical treatment for(More)
OBJECTIVES To explore how buccal carcinoma spread, using contrast-enhanced multislice CT (CEMSCT). METHODS We retrospectively analysed the extent of lesions in 56 patients with primary buccal squamous cell carcinoma (SCCA). Abnormal manifestations on CEMSCT at oral subsites and involved adjacent structures were documented and evaluated, which were(More)
BACKGROUND Primary observation of using itraconazole pulse regimen (commonly used for onychomycosis) in five sporotrichosis patients produced satisfactory effect, but there are no randomized controlled trials to assess this regimen and to compare with routine continuous regimen. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy and safety of(More)
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