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The kinematics of the human ankle is commonly modeled as a biaxial hinge joint model. However, significant variations in axis orientations have been found between different individuals and also between different foot configurations. For ankle rehabilitation robots, information regarding the ankle kinematic parameters can be used to estimate the ankle and(More)
Impedance control is a common interaction control strategy used in rehabilitation robots. A joint force controller has been developed for a redundantly actuated parallel robot to facilitate force based impedance control. The proposed controller utilizes only position/orientation dependent information and therefore does not require accurate dynamic modeling(More)
The present paper reports an intelligent computer-aided nesting (CAN) system for optimal nesting of two-dimensional parts, especially parts with complicated shapes, with the objective of effectively improving the utilization ratio of sheet materials. This paper also systemically reviews the nesting algorithms that were developed to perform various nesting(More)
Local descriptors are a relatively new type of image registration methods and there exist numerous studies in the area over the past few years. The methods can be divided into three stages: region detection, descriptor formation and descriptor matching. This paper looked at the performance of current state-of-the-art local descriptor methods for registering(More)