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This study investigated the effects of maternal undernutrition during late pregnancy on lamb birth weight. 45 Mongolian ewes, synchronized for oestrus and then mated, were divided into four groups and offered 0.86 MJME/kgwd (control group; CG : ad libitum access to feed), 0.44 MJME/kgwd (Restricted Group 3; R3), 0.33 MJME/kgwd (Restricted Group 2; R2) and(More)
Magnetic skyrmions are promising building blocks for next generation data storage due to their stability, small size and extremely low currents to drive them, which can be used instead of traditional magnetic domain walls to store information as data bits in metalic racetrack memories. However, skyrmions can drift from the direction of electron flow due to(More)
In order to increase efficiency and accuracy in auto-segmentation of STL dental cast for invisalign, the paper improves the traditional segmentation algorithm. The new algorithm changed single piece input mode into area selection input mode . The bending degree expression about adjacent surfaces was taken as the corresponding height field functions. We(More)
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