S. Q. Jiang

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s u m m a r y This study first focuses on comprehensive evaluating three widely used satellite precipitation products (TMPA 3B42V6, TMPA 3B42RT, and CMORPH) with a dense rain gauge network in the Mishui basin (9972 km 2) in South China and then optimally merge their simulated hydrologic flows with the semi-distributed Xinanjiang model using the Bayesian(More)
The real-time availability of several satellite-based precipitation products has recently provided hydrologists with an unprecedented opportunity to improve current hydrologic prediction capability for vast river basins, particularly for ungauged regions. However, the accuracy of real-time satellite precipitation data remains uncertain. This study aims to(More)
We present a multiple time windows beamformer (MTWB) method of solving the inverse problem of magnetic field and non-invasively imaging the cardiac electrical excitation conduction using the magnetocardiac signals acquired by a 61-channel superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID). The MTWB constructs spatial filters for each location in source(More)
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