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This study is a biochemical and molecular analysis of the soluble organic matrix (SOM) of two Scleractinian corals differing in their morphological characteristics: Stylophora pistillata, a branched robust coral and Pavona cactus, a leafy complex coral. Soluble organic matrix of both coral species were shown to contain high amounts of potentially acidic(More)
Ionic and organic parameters of the otolith calcification process in the trout Oncorhynchus mykiss were analysed in plasma and endolymph over the day:night cycle. Plasma pH remained constant and total CO(2) concentration was significantly lower (by 21%) during the day than at night. Calcifying parameters (total CO(2), total calcium concentration) were(More)
Biominerals contain both inorganic and organic components. Organic components are collectively termed the organic matrix, and this matrix has been reported to play a crucial role in mineralization. Several matrix proteins have been characterized in vertebrates, but only a few in invertebrates, primarily in Molluscs and Echinoderms. Methods classically used(More)
periodic growth increment producing concentric density bands. These structures are useful for age determination on a daily or annual scale, and their microanalysis constitutes the basis for reconstruction of paleoclimatic records or studies of population biology using organisms as diverse as coral skeletons (Knutson et al., 1972), bivalve shells (Carell et(More)
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