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Among 1685 patients who sustained a hip fracture at the island of Crete (Greece) in a 4-year period we found 106 patients with bilateral noncontemporary hip fractures. Pathologic hip fractures and fractures that emerged from high energy trauma were excluded. To investigate the possible factors predisposing to the later fracture in the sound hip, we studied(More)
The purpose of this article is to come up with a valid categorization and to examine the performance and properties of a wide range of h-type indices presented recently in the relevant literature. By exploratory factor analysis (EFA) we study the relationship between the h-index, its variants, and some standard bibliometric indicators of 26 physicists(More)
We assessed the bone mineral density (BMD), the body mass index (BMI), and the hip axis length (HAL) in 78 postmenopausal women with 38 cervical and 40 trochanteric hip fractures. The results were compared with those of age-matched, control postmenopausal women. No statistically significant difference was found in the values of BMD, BMI, and HAL between the(More)
An important disadvantage of the h-index is that typically it cannot take into account the specific field of research of a researcher. Usually sample point estimates of the average and median h-index values for the various fields are reported that are highly variable and dependent of the specific samples and it would be useful to provide confidence(More)
UNLABELLED Whether visual impairment influences the prevalence of scoliosis in humans or not remains controversial. The purpose of this study was to assess the prevalence of scoliosis in blind women in a Mediterranean region. MATERIAL AND METHOD A total of 26 blind women aged 40 years (median, range 20 - 67) were screened for scoliosis. The existence of a(More)
The main purpose of this article is to present the advances of Statistical Process Control techniques in nonmanufacturing processes. Specifically, in this article we present two applications of control charting techniques in a commercial company. The first is an application of control charting techniques in the Sales Department and the second is an(More)
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