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Cytokines are a large and diverse group of polypeptides that are rapidly released in response to tissue injury, infection, and inflammation. Besides their effects in the periphery, cytokines also affect the central nervous system (CNS). There has been increasing interest in the potential role of cytokines in the behavioral features of depressive disorders.(More)
The Heads of Medicines Agencies and the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe undertook a survey to gain a better insight into the decision-making process of veterinarians in Europe when deciding which antibiotics to prescribe. The survey was completed by 3004 practitioners from 25 European countries. Analysis was to the level of different types of(More)
This paper investigates proposed code-based measures for multimedia courseware as part of an ongoing program of research into effort estimation models. The proposed code-based size measures are analysed using source code and project data from WinlEcon courseware written in the ToolBook authoring language. Statistical analysis of a priori, ToolBook specific(More)
Relying upon voluntary contributions for public goods provision generally results in the under-provision of the good relative to first-best levels due to the free-rider problem. Taxation/allocation schemes have been designed which solve the free-rider problem, but are too complex to implement. Lotteries and auctions are frequently used to fund public goods,(More)
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