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R. Srivandhana1
M. Balakrithiga1
N. Ganapathy1
V. Vinitha1
1R. Srivandhana
1M. Balakrithiga
1N. Ganapathy
1V. Vinitha
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Odontogenic keratocysts (OKCs) are one of the most frequent features of nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome (NBS). It is linked with mutation in the PTCH gene. Partial expression of the gene may result in occurrence of only multiple recurring OKC. Our patient presented with nine cysts with multiple recurrences over a period of 11 years without any other(More)
AIM To record the prevalence rate of dental anomalies in Dravidian population and analyze the percentage of individual anomalies in the population. METHODOLOGY A cluster sample analysis was done, where 244 subjects studying in a dental institution were all included and analyzed for occurrence of dental anomalies by clinical examination, excluding third(More)
The present study highlights the Taguchi design of experiment techniques proved to be an efficient tool for the design of neural networks’ surface roughness to predict in the grinding process, where CNT mixed nanofluids are used as dielectric for machining AISI D3 Tool steel material. Empirical model for the prediction of output parameters has been(More)
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