S. Prabahar

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A variety of skin infections are encountered in postrenal transplant setting. Though bacterial and fungal infections are more common, surprises are in store for us sometimes. We describe a patient who underwent renal transplant two years ago, presenting with a painless, mildly pruritic expanding skin rash over abdomen. Histological examination of the skin(More)
In the present investigation the absorption and emission spectral studies of toluidine blue O with SDS to understand the formation of photoactive monomer dyes and photoactive dimmer dyes were carried out. Like many organic dyes the optical properties of TBO changes in the presence of surfactant and due to the formation of ion associates and a micellar(More)
  • 2009
Lead selenide films are prepared by the vacuum evaporation technique on clean glass substrates held at room temperature in a vacuum 10 torr. The thickness of the film is measured by employing quartz crystal monitor technique. EDAX analysis confirms the composition of constituent in the PbSe thin films. The electrical resistivity measurements as a function(More)
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