S. Prđun

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The monitoring of the bioelectric activity of acupoints by means of electroacupunctogram (EAG) represents a direct and precise recording technique of the acupoints functional state. The EAG recording is done by introduction in the acupoint at corresponding depth of a standard silvered-steel electrode-needle and the measurements are made bipolar, i.e.,(More)
The aim of this study was analyze reproductive performance of wild boar in different habitat over a 7-year period (2006–2012). A total of 468 pregnant females and 2.819 fetuses were analyzed, the mean number of fetuses was 6.02 (median = 6) per animal (4.62 per juvenile, 6.39 per yearling and 6.77 per adult). In litters, male-biased fetuses occurred(More)
The loss of sensitivity to nociceptive stimuli is one of the main factors involved in the pathogeny of diabetic gangrene. The aim of this study was to develop a simple and practical method for selecting the cases prone to such a complication. The perception threshold (either voltage, mV or current, microA) was determined in 137 randomly selected diabetic(More)
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