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When searching for the site-specific endonucleases in several strains of Phormidium we made the following observations. Among the 16 strains that originated from 15 species of Phormidium, 12 produced one or more restriction enzymes, of which two produced the highly thermophilic restriction endonucleases PtaI and PpaAII with their optimum activity at 65-80(More)
A novel type II restriction endonuclease UnbI was isolated from an unidentified psychrofilic bacterial strain from Antarctica. UnbI recognizes and cleaves the sequence 5'-GGNCC-3', producing 5 nucleotide long sticky ends. In this respect it differs from its neoschizomer Sau96I and all other restriction enzymes recognizing this sequence. UnbI has a(More)
Ptal is a type II restriction endonuclease from the Cyanobacterial strain Phormidium tadzschicicum. This strain was obtained from the Collection of Algal Cultures of Leningrad University. Ptal recognizes the sequence 5'-TCCGGA-3' and cleaves between T and C. The enzyme was purified using the following chromatographic steps: 1) Phosphocelulose, 2)(More)
PpeI is a type II restriction endonuclease isolated from cyanobacterial strain Phormidium persicinum. The endonuclease PpeI, an isoschizomer of ApaI, recognizes the hexanucleotide sequence (5'-GGGCC/C-3') and cleaves, after the second C, producing four nucleotide 3'-cohesive ends.
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