S Peter Howard

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TonB from Escherichia coli and its homologues are critical for the uptake of siderophores through the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria using chemiosmotic energy. When different models for the mechanism of TonB mediated energy transfer from the inner to the outer membrane are discussed, one of the key questions is whether TonB spans the periplasm. In(More)
Uptake of siderophores and vitamin B(12) through the outer membrane of Escherichia coli is effected by an active transport system consisting of several outer membrane receptors and a protein complex of the inner membrane. The link between these is TonB, a protein associated with the cytoplasmic membrane, which forms a large periplasmic domain capable of(More)
The TonB protein located in the cell wall of Gram-negative bacteria mediates the proton motive force from the cytoplasmic membrane to specific outer membrane transporters. A C-terminal fragment of TonB from Escherichia coli consisting of amino-acid residues 147-239 (TonB-92) has been purified and crystallized. Crystals grew in space group P2(1) to(More)
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