S. Pereira

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To define and differentiate primary and secondary RNA binding sites within the linear sequence of the rho protein, we investigated two mutant alleles, rho-115 and rhosuA1. They were first identified as defective in transcription termination in vivo, and later demonstrated to be defective in their interactions with RNA at the primary and secondary sites,(More)
The Escherichia coli mutant rho201 was originally isolated in a genetic screen for defects in rho-dependent termination. Cloning and sequencing of this gene reveals a single phenylalanine to cysteine mutation at residue 232 in the ATP binding domain of the protein. This mutation significantly alters its RNA binding properties so that it binds trp t', RNA(More)
The product of the REF2 gene is required for optimal levels of endonucleolytic cleavage at the 3' ends of yeast mRNA, prior to the addition of a poly(A) tail. To test the role of the previously demonstrated nonspecific affinity of REF2 for RNA in this process, we have identified RNA binding mutants in vitro and tested them for function within the cell. One(More)
objective Work as part of a team on meaningful and important projects, while leveraging my machine learning and data mining expertise. Broaden my knowledge in new application domains. Thesis: Utilizing Ultrametric Properties, Projections and Entropy in Data Mining Description: Conducted research on ultrametrics, ultrametricity and their influence on(More)
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