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The effect of moderate hypotensive anesthesia on blood loss, need for transfusion, and length of surgery of forty-nine patients who underwent posterior spinal fusion and Harrington-rod instrumentation was compared retrospectively. Twenty-seven patients were given enflurane as the main anesthetic agent, with fentanyl supplementation, and their blood pressure(More)
Gas Man is an interactive, microcomputer-based simulation and tutorial designed to teach the principles of anaesthetic uptake and distribution. Using two resident groups, one at a primary university-teaching hospital and the other at a medical school affiliated community hospital, the authors compared residents' knowledge of the subject prior to exposure to(More)
Many patients in the Surgical Holding Area become stressed and anxious. In a hospital setting music reduces patients' anxiety. This study determined that music can reduce the anxiety and stress of patients in the Surgical Holding Area. In this study, one group of subjects listed to music while a second group did not. Subjects who listened to music while in(More)
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