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Equilibrium maintenance during standing in humans was investigated with a 3-joint (ankle, knee and hip) sagittal model of body movement. The experimental paradigm consisted of sudden perturbations of humans in quiet stance by backward displacements of the support platform. Data analysis was performed using eigenvectors of motion equation. The results(More)
We studied the variations in the ventral rami of 152 brachial plexuses in 77 Korean adults. Brachial plexus were composed mostly of the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth cervical nerves and the first thoracic nerve (77.0%). In 21.7% of the cases examined, the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth cervical and the first thoracic nerves contributed to the(More)
High frequency ultrasound array transducers are being explored for high resolution imaging systems. This increase in resolution is made possible by enabling a simultaneous increase in operating frequency (50 MHz to about 1 GHz) and close-coupling of the electrical circuitry. Several different processing methods are being explored to fabricate array(More)
As software becomes more complicated and larger, software engineer's requirements analysis become important and uneasy activity. This paper proposes a requirements analysis supporting system that supports informal requirements analysis. The proposed system measures the similarity between requirement sentences to identify possible redundancies and(More)
We identified new gene fusions in patients with lung cancer harboring the kinase domain of the NTRK1 gene that encodes the high-affinity nerve growth factor receptor (TRKA protein). Both the MPRIP-NTRK1 and CD74-NTRK1 fusions lead to constitutive TRKA kinase activity and are oncogenic. Treatment of cells expressing NTRK1 fusions with inhibitors of TRKA(More)
A QRT (quad-rotor type) hovering robot system is developed for quick detection and observation of the circumstances under calamity environment such as indoor fire spots. The UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is equipped with four propellers driven by each electric motor, an embedded controller, an INS (inertial navigation system) using three rate gyros and(More)
—We describe and demonstrate a modular micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS)-based optical cross-connect (OXC) architecture. The OXC port count increases modularly by adding new optical modules, and a maximum cross-connectivity of 350 350 can be achieved in the current design. Each optical module has 16 ports with closed-loop servo-controlled MEMS mirrors.(More)
Recently, IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN (WLAN) has emerged as a widely accepted technology for broadband wireless networking. A WLAN handoff operation, which occurs when a wireless station (STA) changes its association from one access point (AP) to another, has not been well understood so far since the mobility has not been a major concern for typical WLAN(More)
The aim of an effective retrieval system is to yield high recall and precision (retrieval effectiveness). The nonbinary independence model, which takes into consideration the number of occurrences of terms in documents, is introduced. It is shown to be optimal under the assumption that terms are independent. It is verified by experiments to yield(More)